Cosmetic Tattoo Correction

Cosmetic Tattoo Correction

If you are dissatisfied with your permanent makeup tattoo and you’d like to be corrected, Jessica Johnson, owner of Living Beautifully Spa offers Cosmetic Tattoo Correction!

Whether you’ve had a horrible experience elsewhere, bad executed work by an unskilled artist, or the poor quality tattoo ink is beginning to discolor, you have options for correcting it.

How does Saline Tattoo Lightening work?

The solution that is used for the procedure contains natural ingredients such as purified water, sea salt, orange seed extract, lemon seed extract, and aloe. This process is a minimally invasive method, the first step is to use a high-quality topical numbing cream before and during the procedure for a pain-free experience. The saline solution is implanted using a machine into areas of that require correction. The composition of the mixture breaks up the pigment of the original tattoo and lifts it out of the skin via osmosis. When the pigment rises to the surface, the top layer of skin will form a scab. As the area heals, it will gradually reveal a corrected tattoo.

How many sessions are needed?

It may take more than one session to correct a tattoo. Rarely, when conditions are favorable, will it only take one treatment. There are multiple factors that can influence the amount of time it will take. Generally after the first session with a new client, we will have a better idea of how their skin responds to the treatment and how much more treatment is likely to be needed. The Cosmetic Tattoo Correction process can take up to 5 sessions to achieve desired results.

Factors include:

  • The type of pigment inplanted
  • The pigment’s saturation
  • How deep the pigment was implanted
  • How much pigment is being corrected
  • Where on the body the tattoo is located
  • How recently the tattoo was done
  • How sensitive the skin is
  • How well the skin heals
  • How well the aftercare instructions are followed

Jessica Johnson, owner of Living Beautifully Spa and Academy, is a specialist in permanent makeup tattooing since 2017. She has also been teaching permanent makeup procedures to licensed professionals for years. You don’t have to live with a bad cosmetic tattoo anymore. Jessica is here to help.  Click below more information.

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